In Memoriam...



Starting with fifty used books on a shelf, The Bookmonger grew steadily over the years through a move and several expansions to encompass 40,000 different titles, both new, used and antique, in a 4,000 square foot space; easily the largest independently owned bookstore in Alabama. With an espresso bar, games, poetry readings, children's story hour, live music and other performances, The Bookmonger was an ongoing cultural event. Unfortunately, a Books-a-Million and a Barnes & Nobles opened in close proximity within a one year period. The book-buying pie was sliced too small and we were forced to close.

All titles carefully categorized and alphabetized with out-of-print and current authors' titles side by side.Espresso machine, a comfortable couch and stained glass in the windows.
Antique oak mantel a focal point.Most valuable books displayed in a vintage oak case.
Every book entered into a computer-based inventory. A quick-to-load slideshow of highlights of store events.